JDRF Central Florida Chapter Type One Nation Summit 8-17-19


Our TrialNet team has been invited to screen at the Central Florida JDRF Chapter Type One Nation Summit in Orlando. Join other individuals, families, and caregivers affected by type 1 diabetes at all stages for a day of education and connection. Talk to experts about research advancements, meet with other attendees to exchange ideas, and participate in discussions important to you.

We will be screening family members for type 1 diabetes risk through the Pathway to Prevention Study. Participating involves a simple blood test that could detect an increased risk up to ten years before symptoms appear. Those that test at increased risk may be eligible to participate in a prevention trial or ongoing monitoring. Screening is offered at no cost to relatives.

If your family is attending the conference, please look for us in the vendor area.

Not attending the conference? Call 877-343-2377 and we’ll send you a kit for screening at a lab close to your home or connect you with a local TrialNet site.

To see the schedule of programs and speakers or to register for the conference go to:




Central FL JDRF Type One Nation Summit 2019


Mother and twin daughters showing their Hero pose

JDRF Type One Nation Summit Improving Lives.curring Type 1 Diabetes