New T1D Onset and Established T1D Studies

TrialNet is testing ways to slow the progression of type 1 diabetes.

You may be able to join a clinical study if you were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in the last year. People with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes often continue to make some of their own insulin. Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet is working to find ways to help people keep making insulin for as long as possible after diagnosis. Studies suggest that people who continue to make insulin have less trouble with low blood sugar and fewer complications.

For information on the studies below please contact Miriam Cintron at 352-273-5580.

Protect Study

  • Anti-CD3, daily infusion for 12 days
  • Must be ages 8-17 years of age
  • Less than 6 weeks since T1D diagnosis

Sunrise Study

  • Proinsulin DNA plasmid, weekly intramuscular injection for a year
  • Phase 1 – Currently recruiting ages 18-40 years of age T1D adults, must be less than 5 years duration with T1D
  • Phase 2 – This phase will include 12-17 years of age, less than 5 years duration with T1D (but ideally aiming for less than a couple years duration).

Latobacillus Study

  • Probiotic daily for 6 months
  • Must be 18-45 years of age with T1D less than 3 years duration or
  • Must be 8-17 years of age with T1D less than 1 year duration