Natural History Study “Pathway to Prevention”

The Pathway to Prevention study offers a blood test that can identify the risk for type 1 diabetes up to 10 years before symptoms actually appear. Since inception, TrialNet has screened over 170,000 participants in this study. Of these, the University of Florida TrialNet research team, has screened over 4,000 participants, and, the UF TrialNet Clinical Center network has screened close to 12,000 participants.

Study Name: TrialNet Natural History Study2013 WDD Blue Photo Contest Finalist

Principal Investigator: Desmond Schatz, MD

Study Coordinator: Jennifer Hosford, MPH

Recruitment Coordinator: Annie Abraham

Phone: 352-294-5762 or 352-294-5759

Email: or


What is the TrialNet Natural History Study?

TrialNet is screening relatives of people with type 1 diabetes to find out if these family members are at risk for developing diabetes. If you have a relative with type 1 diabetes, your chances of being diagnosed with the disease are 15 times greater than a person with no family history of the disease. If you learn you are at risk for developing type 1 diabetes, additional tests will be offered. If you qualify,you may have an opportunity to be enrolled in either the monitoring phase of the study or a Prevention Study.  Although the symptoms of type 1 diabetes may seem to appear suddenly, research has found that the potential risk can be detected years before symptoms appear. This advanced knowledge provides a window of opportunity when steps can be taken to attempt to delay or prevent the disease.

Who can participate?

  • Individuals who are 1-45 years of age with a parent, child, brother, or sister with type 1 diabetes
  • Individuals who are 1-20 years of age with a niece, nephew, aunt, uncle, grandparent, half-sibling or cousin with type 1 diabetes.
  • Note: A relative diagnosed before the age of 40 AND started on insulin within the first year of diagnosis probably has type 1 diabetes.

What will study participants be asked to do?

Screening involves a simple blood test that can identify the presence of autoantibodies that signal an increased risk for the disease. TrialNet has established screening sites throughout North America. Please contact us to learn more about the study. We try to make screening as convenient as possible. To make an appointment, find a screening location near you, or to request a test kit, call toll free -877-343-2377.

Informed Consent Form available upon request