Janey Adams, Research Coordinator

Janey joined the department in 2015 as a research assistant. In 2018 Janey completed her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida and started her career as a research coordinator. Janey has taken the lead on many multi-site technology related diabetes research studies. As someone who has Type 1 Diabetes, Janey brings a unique perspective to the team and enjoys being able to relate to our study participants.

Miriam Cintron, Research Coordinator

Ms. Miriam Cintron’s clinical research experience at the University of Florida spans over 3 decades. Her career with the Diabetes Research Group began in 2007 working with Dr. Michael Haller as his primary clinical research manager. She has provided oversight and managed more than 20 clinical trials from NIH funded to industry sponsored trials. Ms. Cintron is also responsible for regulatory oversight to ensure these trials are conducted in accordance with IRB, FDA and GCP standards. Ms. Cintron has mentored several junior coordinators and teamed up with our fellows to provide assistance on their projects. Ms. Cintron received her Bachelor of Science degree from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.

Jennifer Hosford, MPH, Research Coordinator

Jennifer earned her Masters of Public Health from the University of Florida in 2009 and has been with UF Diabetes Research since 2015. She brings 10 years’ experience as a Clinical Research Coordinator and Sr. Grants Specialist. Jennifer is the TrialNet Site Coordinator and assists with various other clinical trials in the division. Her responsibilities auditing of sponsored projects, regulatory management, recruitment and enrollment of new study participants, coordinating and monitoring study visits and assuring protocol compliance.

P.D. Towe, RN, Research Coordinator

P.D. Towe’s nursing career includes thirty years of working in Head and Neck Surgery in the operating room, with six years as the Head and Neck Tumor Board Coordinator at the University of Florida.  P.D. started working with Dr. Schatz in 2000 on the PANDA Study, and then followed her husband in his basketball coaching career moves from Gainesville to New Orleans, Raleigh, and Tennessee. P.D. rejoined Dr. Schatz’ team in 2015 as Primary Study Coordinator for all TrialNet Prevention Trials, after she and her husband returned to Gainesville in order  to be around their children, grandchildren and friends.